J-SOX Compliance

Supercharge your J-SOX compliance awareness and accountability​

Bid farewell to penalties and welcome a resilient J-SOX control environment. Embrace transparent and simplified procedures that foster stronger bonds with external auditors, all while mitigating the risk of fines.

Introducing Connected Risk® J-SOX Compliance Management, the comprehensive solution you’ve been waiting for. Seamlessly streamline and elevate your entire J-SOX compliance journey with a unified, integrated platform. Attain consistency, unlock invaluable insights, and optimize your J-SOX compliance endeavors to unparalleled levels.


Planning your test regime for J-SOX is easy with all of your process information at your fingertips in one, central hub.

Say farewell to rigidity and embrace the boundless flexibility offered by our J-SOX Compliance Management solution on Connected Risk®. Effortlessly augment work schedules and empower your J-SOX teams to confidently formulate agile plans.

With a robust version control feature, every alteration made to the plan is meticulously recorded, generating a comprehensive audit trail. This guarantees unambiguous evidence for your stakeholders and auditors, leaving no space for uncertainty. Rely on Connected Risk® to provide a smooth and transparent compliance management experience tailored to your J-SOX demands.

Establish the control environment to construct a centralized hierarchy for mapping and reporting your J-SOX compliance.

Flexible Framework Builder

Apply industry frameworks to help structure content, identify gaps, and provide an external lens for reporting and disclosure.

Control Management

Codify all controls using a flexible set of fields and map to the organization to drive reporting and access permissions.

Ownership and Alerts

Assign ownership and drive notifications to the appropriate stakeholder inbox.

Audit Trail

Track all changes via an integrated audit trail offering reports on who changes what and when.

Pinpoint the current status of your J-SOX compliance process and identify potential delays with real-time updates displayed on your dashboards and email alerts.

Unleash a whole new era of data visibility with our integrated reporting engine on Connected Risk® designed specifically for J-SOX. Seamlessly configure reports, charts, and heat maps to present all your consolidated information in a comprehensive manner.

Our interactive dashboards, enriched with drill-down capabilities and advanced visualizations, invigorate the control landscape, enabling users to effortlessly explore and analyze data. Personalize the dashboards to align with your specific requirements and preferences.

With Connected Risk®, your control testing, monitoring, and exception management take center stage through dynamic dashboards and advanced visualizations. Stay well-informed about your J-SOX compliance status with immediate insights readily accessible. Experience one-click reporting, instilling confidence in control owners and management alike for complete peace of mind.

Test and certify J-SOX controls and control owners.

With Connected Risk®, streamlining the process of defining tests to assess control effectiveness becomes effortless, whether it’s for J-SOX or SOX. Easily score responses, identify potential issues and risks, and automate distribution to relevant control owners. Seamlessly track completion, send reminders, and escalate overdue tests.

Our platform offers impact assessments, allowing you to prioritize control failures and identify issues, thus enabling centralized management of remediation efforts for both J-SOX and SOX. Access valuable insights that support effective decision-making.

Connected Risk® simplifies the task of control owners updating their narratives and certifying controls. Integrated assessments and evidence management empower control owners, ensuring an efficient and hassle-free process for both J-SOX and SOX compliance requirements.

Connected Risk® provides you with a single source of truth that provides infinite linkage capabilities, and in turn, increases data quality and knowledge sharing

Connected Risk® utilises enhanced drag-and-drop and powerful data mapping capabilities for creating additional taxonomies and linkages into neighbouring risk areas.

Our J-SOX Compliance module is highly configurable and can help your teams.

Tailor-made, just for your organisation

Tailor the solution to meet your organisation’s growing policy management needs

Evolve with regulatory change

Maintain multiple taxonomies and inter-relationships to provide an aggregated picture of risk across the business.

Provide evidence with integrated reporting

Provide evidence of the latest taxonomies and relationships with our integrated reporting capabilities.

Expand with our RESTful API

The Connected Risk® platform provides RESTful web service endpoints that allow bi-directional integration of your data.

Watch a quick video on J-SOX Compliance Management and its functionalities

J-SOX Compliance is easy with Empowered.

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Learn more about our Connected Risk® J-SOX Compliance solution and how it can manage the entire GRC lifecycle within your organization.

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"Powerful Platform For Compliance With Dynamic Regulatory Environment"

“The product is a powerful platform for regulated firms in the financial industry to comply with the ever-changing regulatory environment. The software helps my organization navigate rules and regulations, internal processes, and regulatory reporting requirements.”

Senior Associate, Finance Organization with an annual return of $1-3BN

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