Business Continuity Management

Monitor and manage internal and external threats.

Why choose Business Continuity Management?

The risk of exposure to internal and external threats requires constant analysis and monitoring. Create an inventory of critical business and third party services and applications etc. to identify high risk assets and failures that could have a high potential impact.

Develop continuity and recovery plans for critical business processes and IT functions, assessing and testing the steps to ensure a resilient business. Achieve a wholistic view of your risk and continual improvement based on objective measurements with Connected Risk.

Business Continuity Management Key Features

Connected Risk® Advantage

The EmpoweredNEXT® platform is our next-generation zero-code regulatory risk and mitigation data management platform that is delivered with the Connected Risk Advantage.


Rapid Value™ delivery through Zero-code results in end-user adoption and satisfaction without limiting future configuration refinement. A Zero-code platform for great flexibility which guarantees a future-proof investment.


Connecting the enterprise-wide Risk & Control Universe, both at Group and Local level. Maximising the value of current investments in technology and systems.


A mature GRC solution based on 25+ years of GRC workflow software experience. Future innovation on a Zero-code platform with leading content and technology partner integration.