AutoAudit® Desktop

An automated solution for internal audit.

AutoAudit® Desktop takes the paperwork out of workpapers and enables you to standardize, automate and manage key aspects of your audit process. AutoAudit® Desktop is proven to improve the productivity, efficiency and consistency of internal audit departments.

Made for Windows, integrated with Microsoft Office®

We understand that the role you perform continually evolves as auditing adapts to heightened business disruption.

AutoAudit® Desktop automates processes including risk assessment, scheduling, work papers and reporting. Easy to implement, maintain, and use, AutoAudit® Desktop comes complete with a standard library of templates that makes it easy to implement a consistent audit methodology. Multi-level risk assessment allows for quick and easy tracking and reporting, and users are able to generate a broad array of reports with the touch of a button.

AutoAudit® Desktop is the only audit automation tool that stores workpapers in a highly secure and centralized database for a streamlined review process.

Drive a standard and consistent approach to internal audit.

AutoAudit® Desktop enables you to standardize, automate, and manage key aspects of your audit process. A vast library of standard templates provides a framework to drive a repeatable and consistent audit process and adherence to management-approved steps and professional practices. 

AutoAudit® Desktop store workpapers in a highly secure and centralised database, providing visibility and accuracy of audit data throughout the organisation. This centralised approach also makes the review process easy for everyone, including auditors in remote locations.

AutoAudit® Desktop enables you to share audit findings, key risk areas, and recommendations. Auditors save countless hours of repetitious moving and copying of information.

Empower your internal audit management with benefits delivered immediately with AutoAudit® Desktop

Getting Started

AutoAudit® Desktop provides you with one product, with no additional modules. It's fully available right out of the box. No upcharges to add features. It just works. 


Additionally, there's no learning curve, there are dedicated sessions and virtual workshops to help your team learn quick and easily.


Implementation of AutoAudit® Desktop can be done in as little as one month. Technical consulting teams align your business and IT teams for long-term internal audit success.


AutoAudit® Desktop has an overall low-cost of ownership and complimentary upgrades.

Additionally, it offers free Issue Track licenses for auditees.


SNAP! Reporter delivers real-time data via exportable charts and reports for ultimate presentation flexibility. 


Additionally, your teams are able to intuitively generate management and operational reports and templates, empowering your team to easily action insights.

Ongoing Success

AutoAudit® Desktop offers streamlined, consistent communication and full audit cycle functionality.


Our support portal provides ongoing learning and a global support team to assist you when you need it most. 

AutoAudit® Desktop's key features help enhance productivity in the office and remotely.

Whether working the corporate office or in a remote location, AutoAudit® Desktop enables auditors to easily use and share audit-related data. AutoAudit’s remote access provides auditors the ability to work offline and replicate when convenient. 

AutoAudit® Desktop enhances productivity with its core key features:

Resource planning

Maximise resources by easily matching staff skill sets and key attributes to each audit.

Highly secure and centralised database

Improve the accuracy of your audits, enhance collaboration, easily review, even from remote locations, provide convenient access to past audit data, and prevent unauthorised access.

Robust risk assessment capability

Quickly evaluate your organization's risk.

Comprehensive array of reports, including time and expense reporting

Improve visibility and communication with your audit teams instantaneously.

Complete issue tracking functionality

Easily track outstanding issues and manage their resolution.

Audit management doesn't have to be complicated.

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Learn more about our AutoAudit® Desktop and how it can manage the entire audit lifecycle for your team.

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