Advance With Confidence

Achieve your objectives and empower better business decisions, leveraging solutions delivered with the Connected Risk Advantage:

AGILE: Our unique Zer0-code™ platform enables organizations to model solutions to fit their specific requirements quickly and without customization. Combined with our Rapid Value ™ delivery your organization will achieve better results faster.

INTEGRATED: Designed to integrate seamlessly within an ecosystem of technologies and data, Connected Risk enhances existing investments while enabling organizations to rapidly close solution gaps and replace ad-hoc or aged investments which no longer add value.

SMART: A mature GRC solution based on 25+ years of GRC workflow software experience, elevated with innovation on a zero-code platform with leading internal and partner content and technology integration.

What you get with Connected Risk

Features & Benefits

Industry best practice solutions

Out-of-the-box GRC solutions pre-configured to provide best practice frameworks and processes

Streamline data from legacy solutions

Integrate or replace with a single reference point, mapping different data sources to a common, user-defined standard

Uniform view of risk processes

Tailor your workflows and automate monitoring capabilities to drive a consistent application of your risk assessment processes

Flexible data model

Advanced mapping joins information sources, bringing together data sets in different formats and taxonomies

Effective workflow interaction

Manage alerts with interactive and detailed charts, updates, reviews, and approvals viewable through configurable screens

Customizable to specific needs

Use our toolkit to build your own set of solutions that align with​ your existing processes or needs, significantly reducing investment and operational costs


Deliver your objectives with confidence leveraging solutions which fit your business better today and moving forward