Audit management provides the nimble approach required to serve business leaders, operational management, audit committees, and regulators in these disruptive periods

Exponential business models, emerging markets, and an unpredictable political landscape have heightened the need for a more agile and opportunistic approach to audit.

We understand that the role you perform continually evolves as auditing adapts to heightened business disruption

Audit Management from Connected Risk® serves, supports, and sharpens your focus in challenging and opportunistic times. 

With our streamlined scope definition and collaborative electronic workpapers, your audit teams can maintain structure to their work, but with the freedom to apply creative thinking when presented with emerging risks, new business development, and other activities beyond routine processes. This is all on an open platform that allows secure distribution of your findings to maintain transparency and buy-in.

Empower your audit management practices with features designed to expand your Connected Risk® solution

Your audit function is part of a broader risk ecosystem.

The Connected Risk platform, which underpins your solution, can draw upon this data using advanced data modelling and mapping capabilities that also facilitates a greater degree of standardization.

The solution maximizes the value these capabilities bring. We offer flexible assessment matrices that draw on data from any risk and compliance functions you choose to connect with. Based on the intelligence these connections provide, you can apply mid-cycle directional changes in your assessment plan to ensure it remains focused on what matters most at any given time. 

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"Powerful Platform For Compliance With Dynamic Regulatory Environment"


“The product is a powerful platform for regulated firms in the financial industry to comply with the ever-changing regulatory environment. The software helps my organization navigate rules and regulations, internal processes, and regulatory reporting requirements.”

Senior Associate, Finance Organisation with an annual return of $1-3BN USD