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Empowered Systems partners with the leading data, news, solutions and technology providers to create innovative and leading solutions. 

Connected Risk is the perfect platform for combining data and technology to inform decisions and facilitate their execution and reporting. From integrating regulatory and news information, making it readily available to end users when they need it, to embedding best-practice frameworks into a proven, enterprise level solution, all without writing a line of code.

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Empowered Systems partners with the leading data, news, solutions and technology providers to create innovative and leading solutions. 

Using cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning, FinTech Studios intelligent search technology, combined with user-defined channels, dashboards and dynamic alerts instantly deliver highly relevant news, research and market analytics in real-time, covering millions of public and private companies, people, topics and market events from millions of global sources in 42 languages.

Thought-leading, comprehensive Risk Solution built on the Empowered Systems platform, embedding risk management into core business management activities including decision making. Combining a comprehensive library of 126 core operational risks and related content covering causes, controls, key risk indicators and impacts. Forward-looking operational risk content service for horizon scanning emerging operational risks, performing informed risk assessments and developing scenarios.


Technology enabled managed service to identify relevant Regulatory libraries – classified and mapped to business line activities and control functions. A methodical approach to horizon scanning, regulatory intelligence and law inventory support, combined with overall expertise in regulation benchmarking, collection and alignment, ensures that clients have a front-to-back perspective of the compliance value chain. 

Using regulatory taxonomy and advanced analytics, extracting relevant intelligence to rate the risk of regulatory concerns. Risk-based analysis of critical and emerging regulatory topics to enable firms to design and prioritise audit, risk and compliance programs and investments. Corlytics also provides access to relevant, analysed regulatory notices.

Signal AI decision augmentation is a machine learning technology that intelligently transforms unstructured data to knowledge. Unearth the topics and entities, their proximity or associations, sentiment and saliency, clustering and ranking from the world’s data, to provide a clear indicator of an organisation’s reputational risk. 

Leading provider of regulatory and compliance information for financial services professionals in Ireland and the UK.

Regulatory Intelligence helps your organization anticipate and manage global regulatory developments in a single solution, removing the burden of having to manually track multiple sources of regulatory information. Global coverage breadth, quality and depth of regulatory intelligence with of over 1,000 regulatory bodies and more than 2,500 collections of regulatory and legislative materials.

Global regulatory tracking in a single source. Reg-Track provides a single source of curated and highly structured content and analysis to help you quickly determine what is applicable to your business and what changes to obligations, risks and controls are required. Reg-Track’s team of over 40 Lawyers & Attorneys provide plain English summaries of regulatory and legislative changes from over 1,500 sources across over 100 jurisdictions.

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