The Platform

Highly configurable. Agile. Purpose-built.

With over a million global users and a deep understanding of different industries, our purpose-built, highly configurable platform is designed to scale with your organization’s present and future needs.

By integrating data and domain expertise, it empowers stakeholders to make risk-aware decisions in real-time and contribute to a holistic view of the organization’s need, rather than it being siloed. Plus, our intuitive user experience ensures that everyone can contribute to developing an application that fits all of your GRC needs.

Don’t let complex software and elongated implementation times slow down your business growth; simplify your risk management needs with a highly configurable platform built just for you.

Trust in a purpose-built, true no-code platform to deliver complex GRC solutions for your team

Introducing the Empowered Systems Connected Risk Platform – a game-changing solution transforming the way enterprise level applications are built and deployed. Our groundbreaking platform boasts a unique no-code application framework that sets it apart from anything else in the market. 

With intuitive modelling tools, every aspect of an application can be defined and managed with ease, from the data model to the user experience – no need for proprietary coding languages or technical know-how. With our platform, the future of GRC & ESG application development is here.

Dive deeper into our platform’s capabilities right out-of-the-box designed with your solution in mind:

The Data Model

Our powerful no-code platform revolves around a dynamic and versatile data model, featuring endless possibilities for many-to-many relationships between entities that govern the flow of data and safeguard permissions.

Data Input & Display

The Enhancer toolkit of the platform empowers you to craft an array of amazing features including data fields, lists, dashboards, workflows, and more. With this toolkit, you can create stunning overview and edit pages, filters and eye-catching charts to showcase your data in a visually appealing way.


Our state-of-the-art platform boasts a powerful tool that allows for the creation of custom workflows with ease. From the initial steps to conditional flows, our integrated configurator ensures that your process is designed the way you need it. Say goodbye to the headaches of manual workflow management and hello to streamlined, efficient project execution.

Data Import & Export

The platform boasts a top-of-the-line sequence manager, allowing seamless integration with external systems that bring business rules execution to another level. Plus, their pre-configured SOAP web services simplify the process of extracting valuable data from the solution.

Dynamic Security

The platform allows you to tailor it to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual user, creating a more personalized and engaging experience for everyone involved. With this powerful feature, you'll be able to unlock the full potential of the platform and empower your users to achieve their goals with greater efficiency and satisfaction.

Our platform provides you with a single source of truth with infinite linkage capabilities, thus increasing data quality and knowledge sharing and you can always evidence a clear and robust governance framework to regulators, risk, compliance and audit committees as well as your shareholders.

The solution utilizes enhanced drag-and-drop and powerful data mapping capabilities for creating additional taxonomies and linkages into neighboring risk areas.

Explore how our platform's no-code framework can work for your solution

Enhancer Configuration

Page builder, data field creation, workflow designer, charts, filters, security, roles, and more.

Data structure without code

A flexible and adaptable data model forms the core, with infinite many-to-many relationships between entities determining data and security flows

Dashboards & Reporting

Create extensive interactive reports with an integrated report builder and publish to solutions for all users to benefit.

Node Properties

The properties of a node can be configured to determine how it behaves and relates to other nodes. Edit security, workflows, data fields, metrics, and more.

Webservices API

Fully documented RESTful API web service endpoints that allow programmers to directly insert and retrieve data from and into our core products: Connected Risk®, EmpoweredESG™, and AutoAudit® Cloud.

Application Development

Load Java Code Packages to customise a solution, change the branding style of the system template, and manage template versioning with ease.

Discover why our platform is right for your organization

We are committed to helping your organization unleash its true potential. Our powerful platform is packed with unique features that have been carefully designed to ensure that you can get the most out of your individual GRC or ESG solution. With our fully featured, easy-to-use platform, you can harness the full power of our no-code tools without having to worry about disruptions or risks.

Learn more about the tools that can take your organization’s GRC and ESG programs to the next level below:

Multi-Spine Architecture

Our platform supports a multi-spine architecture so that risks, as well as regulatory obligations, controls, policies etc. can be mapped and assigned to any level of the organization thus creating a single source of the truth.

Zero-Code Toolkit

Our platform's zero-code toolkit allows for an assessment of a common framework of Risks & Controls supporting multiple methodologies across the 3 lines of defence. The flexible data model allows for data aggregation across your framework to higher levels of the Risk & Control taxonomy and Organisational Structures to give a clear picture of assurance levels across the organisation.

Security Model

The security model is cumulative and is formed by a combination of team membership, roles, and security flow. Roles are configured to grant users the ability to Create, Read, and Update or Delete data in the portal, based on their defined function.

Security Flow

Security Flow is used to ‘flow’ a user’s data privileges down a configurable set of routes. This allows for rights inheritance models to be efficiently constructed and managed. For example, a user who can ‘Read’ a Risk can also read all related Documentation, Loss Prevention recommendations etc.

Data Capture

All data input, changes and activities are captured in the system audit trail and activity status, progress, and priorities are tracked through rich visuals and charts.

Progress & Status Indicators

The progress and status of assigned actions and steps in the workflow and overdue dates are reported on dashboards and in reports.

Email Notifications

Users accountable for workflow actions receive email notifications when the action is raised, when it is approaching and when it is overdue. Each email provides details of the action and a link to the action update page for completion.

Configurable Workflows

The out-of-the-box workflows and data labels can be configured to follow your specific requirements and could include logic to automatically trigger workflows following changes in ratings, materiality, and affected processes (subject to scope).

Webservices API

Data interchange capabilities include a fully documented RESTful Web Services API as well as pre-configured data connectors to onboard .CSV files for instance.

Document Management

Sophisticated Document Management capabilities are integral to the system including versioning and recording of meta-data as well as in-document Global Search.

Pre-Packaged Reports

The solution is pre-packed with reports, each of which can be adapted and expanded with additional data fields by administrators.

Rich Dashboards

Rich visual dashboards are configured for instant progress reporting as well as allowing for export to MS Excel, Word, and PDF. Reports can be scheduled for delivery by email or into third-party reporting applications. All Reports can be filtered on any of the data fields by users.

Enhancer Toolkit

The Enhancer Toolkit comprises extensive configuration options including custom fields, columns, summary pages, overview/edit pages, filters, charts, workflows, dashboards, etc. The Enhancer Toolkit is also used by our Professional Services team to deliver the configuration template to meet your requirements.

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