Platform Capabilities

Our No Code Platform

The our highly configurable platform revolves around your role as a GRC leader, placing you at the center of a comprehensive ecosystem. This powerful platform empowers you with an exceptional level of customizable control, granting you the ability to navigate seamlessly through the diverse needs of your risk and compliance teams. With its cutting-edge features and innovative solutions, our platform revolutionizes the way you manage and address the challenges in risk management and compliance.

Technical Features

No Code

Empowered System’s application suite is no-code, providing tailor-made configuration platform which meet your team’s unique requirements without costly development time.


Our platform architecture is designed for enterprise scale modules made to be layered upon. When onboarding new teams, we can help you build additional components on top of existing applications without degradation in performance.


Our applications are SOC 2 and GDPR compliant, ensuring a robust and secure structure to host sensitive information and avoid vulnerabilities.


Provide your organization with a single source of truth. Our application suite provides multiple capabilities for the consolidation of data, regardless of format or source.

Deploy Your Way

Allow Empowered Systems to host your application on the cloud, or opt to host it yourself using our on-premise implementation.

Rapid Value™

Following the Rapid Value™ implementation process, our solutions start with a strong foundation and proceed to deliver visible wins every week until the project is complete and providing value quickly.

Single Sign-On

Integrate our solutions with your organization's directory to allow for a seamless and secure SSO process.

Configuration Highlights

Personalized Dashboards

Construct role-based dashboards which continuously monitor actionable insights. Personalize dashboards to your liking by displaying the information most important to you.


Create flexible workflows to manage complex processes ensuring accountability, data integrity and enabling progress monitoring.

Analysis & Reports

Powerful front-end data analysis and report creation. Stitch together pages and filtered tables to generate reports that align to your brand standards with automatic exports to key stakeholders.

Alerts & Notifications

Notify your team when tasks are assigned or nearing their due date, using email or the application’s integrated alert system.

Graphs & Charting

Visualize your data with tailor-made charts, graphs, heat maps and more.


Switch between light and dark mode and select colors that align to your brand standards.

Our Favorites

User Interface & Experience

Our consultants place the user experience as top priority when designing solutions, allowing for easy and intuitive navigation on all pages.

System Flexibility

With complete solutions created through no code configuration, solutions can be easily expanded and evolved to support new requirements.


Align all pages to your organization’s brand standards by changing colors, fonts and logos.

Multilingual Support

Use your solution in a wide range of languages, based on user preferences.

Ongoing Innovation

The power of the Empowered Systems’ platform is continuously updated through our quarterly release cycle.

External Publishing

All pages and data tables can be exported into .pdf, .docx, .xlsx formats to make sharing and reporting easy.


Access our dedicated support portal for documentation and further help.

Smart Search

Navigate the entire application using our global search functionality that ranks the results by relevance.

Audit Log

Track all historical changes to data elements using the embedded Audit Log. View who made changes to your data and when.

Analyze Data

Extensive tabular reports with intuitive filters, groups, sorts, if statements and drill downs.


Create a dialogue with colleagues by adding comments, to any page in the application. Utilize workflow to direct key information and data requests to specific roles.

GRC Specific Capabilities

Risk Dashboards

Surface a personalized list of risk overviews and indicators as well as heatmaps and charts to provide you with actionable insights.

Risk Planning

Manage your risk environment by performing risk identification and managing resources for the assessment process.

Risk Identification

An undervalued but critical component of any RCSA, with Connected Risk™ you can continuously identify the risks that are in need of evaluation.

Risk Assessment

Walk through the assessment and response to risks with your team using Connected Risk™. Using our qualitative risk assessment tools you can perform assessments that align to your organization’s analysis framework.

Risk Monitoring

Continuously monitor the identified risks with the intent to remediate through the deployment of controls and action plans.

Risk Register

Maintain a centralized library of risks that act as a single source of truth for the rest of your organization.

Incident Management

Track incident occurrences in real time and relate them to specific risks to aid in the Risk Assessment process.

Compliance Dashboards

Perform tests against the control environment to identify deficiencies, assign responsibilities and notify team members to mitigate risk and track issues.

Automated Alerts

Assign thresholds so that in the event of an incident or breach of risk appetite, your team is alerted and able to mitigate issues in real-time.

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