The banking and financial services sector stands as one of the most heavily regulated industries globally.

As the demand for operational resilience and adherence to evolving regulations continues to escalate, along with the imperative to incorporate model risk practices, tackle the increasing frequency of cyber breaches, address stringent regulatory obligations, navigate a complex vendor landscape, and grapple with emerging and evolving risks, there is a growing urgency for enhanced transparency and the integration of innovative technologies. 

Empowered Systems has meticulously developed a suite of products and solutions tailored to effectively address the intricate challenges encountered by banks and financial institutions across the world. Our offerings provide support for the systematic categorization and classification of business segments and loss events in accordance with Basel standards. By leveraging our tools, you gain fortified mechanisms to manage client relationships and gain the capability to confidently confront, embrace, and flourish amidst emerging risks.

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Explore the different ways Empowered Systems can help your bank or financial services organization enable a connected and holistic approach to GRC and ESG.

Strengthen and streamline your GRC and ESG processes, procedures, and needs with solutions tailored specificially to banks and financial institutions, just like yours.

Revolutionize your bank or financial services organization’s risk management with Connected Risk®’s holistic Enterprise Risk Management solution. 

Say goodbye to disorganized approaches and hello to structured, accurate insights into risk exposure at all levels of your organization. Utilizing uniform risk assessment methodologies and multi-dimensional assessments, our software can help establish your unique risk profile and give you the power to make smarter, more informed decisions with powerful dashboards, heatmaps, and reports.

Regulatory Change Management on Connected Risk™ enables your compliance team to actively manage change in a connected and structured manner with both speed and precision. The regulatory environment is rapidly evolving, creating compliance risks and operational challenges for banks and financial institutions. With the rate of regulatory alerts continually increasing, it is critical that you and your compliance teams manage your risks and allocate resources where it matters.

Allow your bank or financial services institution to achieve operational results fast with Digital Policy Management. Our solution provides a comprehensive breadth of agile, integrated, and smart policy management functionality tailor made for you and your teams.

Policies are critical to your bank and financial institution as they establish the boundaries of conduct for your employees, business processes, stakeholders, and suppliers. A well-defined policy management program is central to your bank’s ability to act with integrity.

Ensure the security of your bank or financial services institution against third-party risks. Our advanced software empowers you to efficiently manage and closely monitor to your relationships with third-party providers and IT suppliers, safeguarding your business performance from any potential disruptions.

Our Third-Party Risk Management solution equips you with a comprehensive suite of tools to proactively assess, mitigate, and control risks associated with your third- and fourth-party vendors. By implementing a systematic approach, you can identify and prioritize potential vulnerabilities, taking proactive measures to prevent any adverse impact on your business operations.

The industry’s leading model risk management solution empowers your bank or financial institution’s model risk team to create and maintain model inventories using effective workflow management.

With the emergence of new model risks and ever-changing regulatory obligations, you need to understand which model to employ and a comprehensive remediation strategy to avoid reputational damage and fines. 

Our Model Risk Management solution complies with global standards, including the Bank of England’s PRA SS1/23 and Canada’s OSFI Guideline E-23.

Internal Audit Management empowers your bank or financial institution to take control of your internal audit program. It’s all about aligning your audit goals with your organization’s objectives and making sure you’re well-prepared to handle risks from all angles. And the best part? You can do it all while maintaining the trust of all stakeholders involved. 

With cutting-edge technology to manage your bank or financial institution’s audits, you’ll be able to glean insights from data in record time. Audit Management makes things easy, streamlines the process, and helps drive business performance to new heights.

Advance with confidence with our other solutions

Didn’t find what you need? No worries. Empowered Systems provides more than just Connected Risk in our holistic approach to ESG and GRC software.

EmpoweredESG™ gives banks and financial institutions a clear view of its ESG impact and responsibilities.

EmpoweredESG™ provides a holistic space for your vendor risk management through supply chain objectives making it easier for your organisation to track when, where, and what is moving through your supply chain and continuing your ability to monitor for behaviours that violate your human trafficking and modern slavery policies. Manage your ESG policies in one place and do so much more with objectives-based reporting and functions from EmpoweredESG™.

AutoAudit® Cloud is an all-in-one audit solution available right out of the box, best suited for small- to medium-sized internal audit teams.

AutoAudit® Cloud provides a nimble approach that is required to serve business leaders, operational management, audit committees, and regulators by leveraging cloud technologies to deliver results in record time.

EmpoweredNEXT™ is a game-changing solution transforming the way enterprise level applications are built and deployed.

With intuitive modelling tools, every aspect of an application can be defined and managed with ease, from the data model to the user experience – no need for proprietary coding languages or technical know-how. With EmpoweredNEXT™, the future of GRC & ESG application development is here.

The Advantages of Empowered Systems for Your Bank or Financial Services Institution

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