Connected Risk®

Integrated risk management, reimagined.

Connected Risk® allows your team to achieve all of your governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) needs—in one single solution. Built off of our next generation, no-code platform, EmpoweredNEXT®, Connected Risk®’s powerful backbone allows you to expand your solution with practical applications designed specifically around your team’s needs.

Explore the GRC lifecycle with Connected Risk®'s integrated solutions

Click on any of the GRC lifecycle solutions below or choose a primary GRC domain to explore how your organisation can benefit from an implementation of any or multiple Connected Risk® solutions.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management


Enterprise risk management equips your organization with the tools needed to benefit from both risk and disruption.

Regulatory Change Management

Regulatory Change Management


Regulatory change management enables your compliance team to actively manage change in a connected and structured manner.

Digital Policy Management

Digital Policy Management


Digital policy management provides a comprehensive breadth of agile, integrated, and smart policy management functionality.
Compliance Management

Compliance Management


Compliance management organises data and makes it available to all stakeholders for more efficient and effective management of compliance programs and processes.

Vendor/Third Party Risk

Vendor/Third Party Risk


Vendor/Third Party Risk manages the exposure to third-party suppliers through identifying, assessing, monitoring and mitigating risks from IT products and service providers.

Model Risk Management

Model Risk Management

Model risk management empowers your organisation to create and maintain your model inventory using effective workflow management.

Additional Integrated Solutions for the GRC Lifecycle on Connected Risk®

Internal Audit

Internal audit management provides the nimble approach required to serve business leaders, management, and audit committees.

SOX Compliance

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance Management provides you with a single, integrated solution to manage the process from beginning to end.

Business Continuity

Audit management provides the nimble approach required to serve business leaders, operational management, audit committees, and regulators.

Operational Resilience

Operational resilience management achieves proactive, rapid responses to unexpected events within the business environment.

New Product Acceptance

New product acceptance management provides your team with the proactive approach to creating workflows and managing your team's responses.

Geopolitical Risk

Audit management provides the nimble approach required to serve business leaders, operational management, audit committees, and regulators.

Advance with confidence using Connected Risk®

Connected Risk® is the holistic approach to integrated governance, risk, and compliance management. Uncover limitless possibilities with our expandable no code solution that provides unparalleled customisation built upon a mature GRC framework.

No Code

Deliver customisable solutions designed to your team’s specifications, every time.

User Centric

Enable personalised user permissions and views designed for your team.


Experience 8 week sprint deliveries on our out-of-the-box solutions.


Create a single source of truth with integrated data–internal and external.

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