Our logos are meant to be recognisable by the general public at all times. Empowered relies on a proper brand identity in order to manage, maintain, and develop a cohesive brand presence. Here are a few restrictions that you should keep in mind when using our logos and wordmarks.


At no time may you change an official colour of the Empowered Systems brand. All logos, unless otherwise specified, must meet the specifications above without exception. There are no permissible versions of the logo that allow you to change a colour of the brand without the express permission of the Empowered Systems’ leadership team or the Head of Marketing.

Morphing or Size Restrictions

At no time may an Empowered Systems logo or brand be skewed, morphed, or changed to not constrain its existing proportions. The Empowered Systems logo or brand must always be perpetually legible in all formats.

To keep proper proportions, all logos should be display at no less than 198px x 61px on digital formats.

Before printing, approvals must be obtained by the Head of Marketing.

Stacked Logo Restriction

As of the time of the making of this standard, the stack logo has been discontinued indefinitely and may not be used in any format whatsoever.

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