Changelog: August 2023

The following changes were made to the Brand Standards Manual in August 2023:

  • Logos & Wordmarks Overhaul: The logos and wordmarks section of the Brand Standards Manual has been split between the Empowered Systems logo being placed under Brand Basics and product-specific logos being placed in a new category called Product Brands. This delineation will make it easier to consume and understand each brand and its placement in the Empowered Systems brand portfolio.
  • Brand Personality Consolidation: Brand Personality has been consolidated into Our Brand.
  • English Transference: American English has been made the standard for the Brand Standards Manual.
  • Configuration Standards Manual: New pages have been added for the upcoming Configurations Standards Manual.
  • Date Formats: Date formats have been changed to international standards (Day / Month / Year).
  • Grammar: Some grammatical functions have been updated.
  • AutoRisk™: All references to AutoRisk™ have been removed from the manual.
  • IssueTrack™: All references to IssueTrack™ and its related logo have been moved to AutoAudit®.
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