Primary Logo Standards

Our primary brand is our outward representation to all of our customers, prospective customers, partners, affiliates, and the world at large. Ensuring the proper use of our logo is extremely important to ensure proper brand identity and cohesive recognition amongst the general public.

The Empowered Systems’ primary logo is an interlocking E and S with various triangular shades. The wordmark uses Red Hat Display Bold for the “empowered” wordmark and Red Hat Display Light for the “SYSTEMS” wordmark, nestled under “empowered” and justified right.

This logo must stay intact. Under no circumstances can any part of this logo be altered, changed, or modified. It may not be used in any way except for the variations listed on this page.

<p>Empowered Systems Primary Logo - Updated 13.8.2023</p>
Empowered Systems Primary Logo – Updated 13.8.2023
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