Navigating the Ever-Shifting Risk Landscape in Banking: A Comprehensive Analysis


The banking industry is in a state of constant flux, with a variety of risks that evolve year after year. Recently, banking leaders and chief risk officers (CROs) have been particularly attuned to the dynamic threats facing their institutions. From the collapse of notable banks to the unpredictable movements of interest rates and the persistent threats of cyber attacks, understanding these risks is akin to chasing a moving target. This comprehensive analysis dives deep into the dominant risks that have shaped the banking and credit union landscape over the past year and provides insights into managing these risks effectively.

Regulatory Challenges at the Forefront

Community bankers began 2023 under the shadow of regulatory changes and inflation. As reported by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors and the Bank Director 2023 Risk Survey, a significant portion of banks expressed concerns over evolving regulatory and compliance requirements. With over a quarter of community bankers worried about keeping up with regulatory changes, the necessity for effective compliance risk management solutions has never been more critical. The looming implications of regulations like 1071 for small business lending and the intensified scrutiny under fair lending laws have banks scrambling to stay compliant and competitive.

Interest, Credit, and Liquidity: Growing Areas of Concern

As per the Bank Director’s 2023 Risk Survey, financial institutions have shown increased concern over interest rate, credit, and liquidity risks. The Federal Open Market Committee’s interest rate hikes have led banks to carefully consider their deposit rates and loan portfolio credit risks. The liquidity crises that toppled banks like SVB and Signature only heightened the importance of robust contingency funding plans and active engagement in asset-liability management. As these risks continue to evolve, adopting comprehensive risk management solutions is pivotal for institutions aiming to thrive in an uncertain economic landscape.

Credit Risk: A Persistent Worry

The ever-present concern of credit risk has intensified, with the commercial real estate market becoming a particular area of focus. Community banks, holding a significant portion of commercial real estate loans, face potential challenges, especially with weakened office property markets and evolving work trends. Furthermore, higher interest rates and dwindling household savings are setting the stage for increased consumer credit risk, a situation monitored closely by institutions as they navigate the latter half of 2023 and beyond.

The Constant Threat of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity remains a top concern for financial institutions, overshadowing other risks in many surveys. The Bank Director survey and EY’s 2022 survey of CROs underline the primacy of cybersecurity in the risk management priorities of financial institutions. With the digital landscape continually evolving and the sophistication of cyber threats increasing, banks and credit unions must prioritize robust cybersecurity measures and stay ahead of potential breaches.

Implementing a Successful Risk Management Program

Setting up a successful risk management program is imperative for financial institutions. This involves not just adopting the latest technologies but creating a culture of risk awareness and management throughout the organization. Human capital, regulatory compliance, and a comprehensive understanding of an institution’s risk tolerance are all crucial components. By focusing on these areas, financial institutions can aim to limit losses, avoid regulatory penalties, and ensure a resilient future.


The banking sector’s risk landscape is undoubtedly complex and challenging. However, with informed strategies and robust risk management solutions, banks and credit unions can navigate these waters successfully. While the target may keep moving, a proactive and comprehensive approach to risk management will ensure that financial institutions remain resilient and prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead.

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