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Audit Management

Connected Risk™ empowers internal audit teams to leverage risk-based and cyclical planning, maximizing efficiency and transparency through a meticulously defined audit universe. This comprehensive approach offers key benefits for internal auditors, including enhanced risk mitigation, improved decision-making, reduced audit costs, and enhanced compliance.

Internal Audit Management Delivered

Seamless from start to finish.

Consolidate all aspects of your audit environment into a single system, linking risks, fieldwork, and relevant risks to your audit and controls testing. Fully integrated with Connected Risk™ helps facilitate comprehensive audits and effective risk management.

Planning and Execution

Centralized and powerful

In Connected Risk™, achieve efficient and robust audit planning by integrating your entire audit universe, providing you with the necessary tools to effectively plan and execute an audit of your risk framework.

  • See Your Entire Audit Universe View the entire audit universe in a single view, including your reviews and risk ratings.
  • Keep the Focus on the Business Focus on key business areas, segments, and locations for specific auditing attention.
  • Seamless Fieldwork Integration Execute fieldwork for each control or test point using Connected Risk.
Integrated Reporting and Access

Designed specifically for your audit plans and management style

Improve your audit management by creating tailored and comprehensive reports that precisely document your findings and actions, and efficiently manage your teams with role-specific access.

  • Customized Role-Based Access With integrated role-based access, you can customize how your team interacts with your audit data.
  • Streamlined Findings & Actions Organize all audit scores and findings in a single repository and allocate tasks with specific deadlines.
  • Custom & Integrated Reporting Create fully custom reports with unique charts, graphs, layouts and functionality.

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Transparent Pricing

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Whether you're an individual, a small team, or a growing enterprise, we have a pricing plan for our suite of GRC applications that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Pricing is billed annually and per module. In some instances, you may be able to request quarterly billing. Speak to a Solutions Expert for your unique needs. Additional fees may apply for advanced configurations, in which case you’ll need to explore Enterprise pricing. Learn more about Enterprise pricing here. Pricing excludes Build Your Own GRC Tools/EmpoweredNEXT implementations. Pricing is subject to change at any time.
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