Empowering innovators to create enterprise-class, sustainable applications without writing a line of code


The Empowered Platform is unique in the market as a true Zero-Code application framework for deploying enterprise-level, integrated solutions.


The Empowered Platform is unique in the market as the only true Zero-Code application framework for deploying enterprise level, integrated solutions. The modelling tools allow all aspects of an application, from the data model through to the user experience, to be defined and managed, leveraging intuitive graphical design tools. No proprietary coding languages or coding skills are required.

  • Data Model – a flexible and adaptable data model forms the core, with infinite many-to-many relationships between entities determining data and security flows
  • Data input and display – the enhancer toolkit enables creation of data fields, list / overview / edit pages, filters, charts, workflows, dashboards etc.
  • Workflow – an integrated workflow configurator to create steps, actions and conditional flows.
  • Data import/export – a Sequence Manager for integration with external systems and business rules execution. Pre-configured SOAP web services to extract data out of the solution.
  • Dynamic security – a role and context specific user experience


The Empowered Platform is a specialised workflow & middleware solution for organising, managing, and reporting data. It provides a configurable data model capability enabling a unique integration platform to connect to internal and external content and systems.

The Platform provides three core types of interfaces and integration capabilities:


Fully documented RESTful web service endpoints that allow programmers to directly insert and retrieve data from and into the Empowered Platform. Using JSON for data exchange, which is lightweight and easy to integrate with, the secure API honours the security model and can be consumed by any language.


End User manual import and export of data in XLS


Ready library of data exchange Routines for automated import/export and task execution, including SQL interfacing

When it came to selecting a platform to incorporate our best practice risk approach and processes there was only one choice and the flexibility and configuration simplicity in Connected Risk meant we were able to do this rapidly to create our Risk Management Solution for Tier 3 & 4 financial services companies. We have found partnering with Empowered Systems and utilising the Connected Risk platform to be agile & pragmatic.

Simon Wilkins RiskSpotlight CEO