IT Risk Management

All-in-one IT risk and cybersecurity software tailored for modern enterprises.

In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding your business against IT risks and cybersecurity threats is paramount. Our solution offers a comprehensive approach to managing your organization’s digital footprint. From detailed organizational mapping that brings clarity to your assets and systems, to robust risk assessments that pinpoint vulnerabilities, every feature is designed with your security in mind. Dive into our features below to discover how we’re redefining IT risk management for the contemporary business landscape.

Explore the IT GRC lifecycle with Connected Risk™'s integrated solutions

Click on any of the IT GRC lifecycle solutions below or choose a primary GRC domain to explore how your organisation can benefit from an implementation of any or multiple Connected Risk® solutions.

Why you need an Integrated Solution for the IT GRC Lifecycle

Fragmented Systems and Processes

Companies often use a mix of tools and manual processes for risk management. This fragmentation can lead to inconsistencies, missed threats, and inefficiencies.

Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape

The nature and volume of cyber threats are continually changing, making it difficult for organizations to keep up.

Regulatory Compliance Overhead

Different regions and industries have their own regulatory requirements, and keeping up with these can be a daunting task.

Limited Visibility on 3rd Party Risks

Organizations rely on an ecosystem of vendors and third parties. Without a holistic view, they may overlook vulnerabilities introduced by these external entities.

Inadequate Incident Response

Without a unified system, incident response can be slow and disjointed, increasing the damage from breaches.

Advance with confidence using Connected Risk™

Connected Risk™ is the holistic approach to integrated governance, risk, and compliance management. Uncover limitless possibilities with our expandable no code solution that provides unparalleled customisation built upon a mature GRC framework.

No Code

Deliver customizable solutions designed to your team’s specifications, every time.

User Centric

Enable personalized user permissions and views designed for your team.


Experience 8 week sprint deliveries on our out-of-the-box solutions.


Create a single source of truth with integrated data–internal and external.

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Learn more about our Connected Risk® solution and how it can manage the entire GRC lifecycle within your organization.

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