Logo and Wordmark Styling

EmpoweredESG™ is a sub-brand of the Empowered Systems’ brand family. It represents the main and primary focal point of the EmpoweredESG™ ESG Compliance Module for Connected Risk™.

The EmpoweredESG™ logo is a green “e” sat at an 18° angle off-centre to the left. It also includes a purple “pill” symbol that completes the look making it the EmpoweredESG™ tulip. EmpoweredESG™ must always be stylised in graphic form as “empoweredESG™” with a lowercae “e”. “EmpoweredESG™” is in Red Hat Display Bold.

EmpoweredESG™ must always be accompanied by a trademark symbol (™).

<p>EmpoweredESG™ Authorised Logo with Wordmark - Effective 13.8.2023</p>
EmpoweredESG™ Authorised Logo with Wordmark – Effective 13.8.2023

Logo Styling

EmpoweredESG™’s tulip brandmark can be used as a standalone logo in certain circumstances. The tulip is permitted when the following conditions are met:

  1. There is an inherent need in a smaller space for utilising the brandmark by itself with the wordmark;
  2. It is evident that the product is clearly being displayed as EmpoweredESG™;
  3. The website/vendor/service only allows for a single logo to be display, obscuring the proper spacing requirements and viewpoints of the full logo + wordmark.
<p>EmpoweredESG™ Tulip Logo - Standalone - Updated as of 13.8.2023</p>
EmpoweredESG™ Tulip Logo – Standalone – Updated as of 13.8.2023
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