Connected Risk™ Brand Overview

The Connected Risk™ logo featuring an unlocked clamshell symbol in a combination of bright purple and dark purple holds profound psychological significance. This choice of design elements serves to convey a multifaceted message that resonates with the essence of the company’s mission.

<p>Connected Risk™ Logo - Stylized - New Update for 13.8.2023</p>

Connected Risk™ Logo – Stylized – New Update for 13.8.2023

The unlocked clamshell symbol speaks to the idea of unlocking potential and breaking barriers. This imagery taps into the human psyche’s yearning for growth, progress, and the discovery of new possibilities. The act of unlocking is often associated with empowerment, liberation, and the opening of doors to new avenues. At Empowered Systems, our role involves not just promoting products but also empowering clients with tools that facilitate growth and transformation. The use of an unlocked clamshell symbol thus aligns perfectly with our objective of offering an easier way to manage organizational risk.

The color palette of bright purple and dark purple adds another layer of psychological impact to the logo. Purple is often associated with luxury, creativity, and wisdom. The bright purple hue brings an element of vibrancy and innovation, suggesting that Connected Risk™ introduces a fresh and dynamic approach to managing risk. On the other hand, the dark purple represents depth, stability, and expertise. This combination reflects the comprehensive nature of the GRC modules offered by Connected Risk™, embodying both cutting-edge innovation and a solid foundation of knowledge in risk management.

The overarching psychological message conveyed by this logo is one of transformation, empowerment, and comprehensive expertise. The logo’s design elements work together harmoniously to create a sense of trust, optimism, and readiness for positive change, which are all vital aspects of effective marketing and branding strategies in the realm of GRC and ESG software.

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