AutoAudit® Desktop Logo

AutoAudit® Desktop is a subproduct of the AutoAudit® family. AutoAudit® Desktop is a Windows-only, internal audit tool that is integrated with Microsoft® Office.

The AutoAudit® Desktop logo is an open arched “A” shape with a dot in the middle accentuating its place as a market leader in audit and compliance software with a single bright purple colour with the words “Auto” + “Audit” in Red Hat Display Bold. “Desktop” is nestled underneath the logo, justified right, in all caps, with a kerning of 15%. This text is in Red Hat Display Bold.

At no time may the AutoAudit® Desktop logo be unaccompanied by the registered trademark symbol (®) as it is a registered trademark of Empowered Systems.

No additional variations have been authorised at this time.

<p>AutoAudit® Desktop Primary Logo - Updated 13.8.2023</p>
AutoAudit® Desktop Primary Logo – Updated 13.8.2023
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